Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NuevaSync For PalmOS

After trying and realize how simple it is to move my contact and calendar data and push gmail using Google Sync, I search around to find similar way to sync my Palm Treo 650 contact and calendar data with google as well. If you read my post about utilizing my treo 650, this is encourage me to try it.

All you need is register with 3rd party service called NuevaSync. For free service, you can get contact and calendar sync with google. And if you want more services like push email and tasks sync (with Toodledo service), you can upgrade your account to premium with annual fee only $25.

You can check detail steps here. What's not explain there is that you need at least VersaMail version 3.5 and EAS (Exchange Active Sync) updated. I'm using Treo 650, and since Treo 650's built-in VersaMail version only 3.1c, you have to upgrade it first. Instead of upgrading (that will make my tiny RAM exhausted), I did a custom ROM and put updated files inside Treo 650's ROM :)

I've no chance to try Tasks sync, but push mail with gmail went smooth and it also runs well, almost no delay. One minor disadvantage is that folders (or you could say labels) in gmail doesn't show up in my VersaMail. Only Inbox and Trash that show up. But if you're not using labels like I did in gmail, I'll sure recommend this service. Enabling real push-mail ability in your Palm Treo 650 or any PalmOS device. Worth it! :)

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