Sunday, August 8, 2010

Several MacPorts Commands

Here is several MacPorts commands that I often used, with little description on every command. I always use -v option (as in verbose), to look at the detail downloading and compiling process.

1. sudo port -v selfupdate
- removing and downloading new file repository list, often updated

2. sudo port -v upgrade outdated
- upgrade outdate port, according to newest file repository list

3. sudo port -v uninstall inactive
- even after update, macports still kept the outdated version, you can execute this command to automatically vanish outdated version immediately

3. sudo port -v search [port]
- used for looking certain port

4. sudo port -v install [port]
- install certain port

5. sudo port -v uninstall [port]
- uninstall certain port

6. sudo port -v clean --all [port]
- clean up all port build and dependencies

7. sudo port -v activate [port@version]
- activate certain port version

8. sudo port -v installed
- shows up all port installed

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