Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chit Chat for Facebook - Facebook Chat Application

If you ever read my post about facebook chat plugin for pidgin, and have tried it.. perhaps you can give a try for this application, Chit Chat for Facebook. Simple UI, simple preferences menu and light while operating it. I think that's become major advantages for this apps.

Standard, sleek and simple login interface, only need to input email and password (the same you use to login into Facebook). Preferences menu also simple as well, and all the option is self-explainable. On the first login, you will get a notification.. an offer to post update status in your Facebook. Basically it only says that you just installed and now using Chit Chat in your desktop :) So, it's your choice to put it on your wall or not.

Inside you'll see your online friends list. you can also have your offline friends shows up by changing preferences.

Chat window is simple as well, already have timestamp on every chat. So far, I have no difficulty in using this apps. For now its only available for Windows users, so we do hope in the future it will available for other OS as well.

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  1. Quite helpful application i suggest must download it thanks for sharing........


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