Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twikini - lightest twitter client for Windows Mobile

I've been a twitter user for a while now. At first I only following updates and posting from my web browser at office's computer. Gradually I added the persons I follow and my followers increased as well. So, I need more time, periodically checking my twitter to posting update and replying post from my colleague.

Since I'm using Samsung BlackJack™ II with Windows Mobile Smartphone OS, I tried several application while comparing each of them, which one is suitable for me. Then, from one of twitter posting, I found out about Twikini, brand new twitter client. It says that this apps is the lightest twitter client for Windows Mobile. So, I download and try it.

And, apparently that statement is true. This Twikini is very light, the most I guess, comparing to other clients I've tried before. Beside BlackJack™ II, I also installed in my Treo™ 750 which based on Windows Mobile OS, too.

So, what've you waiting for? Go directly to and try it your own :)

GPSed - Tracking application for Windows Mobile

If your phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or J2ME) has internal GPS receiver, you could try this awesome application called Gpsed. For me, it had help me a lot, I could track back every path I've been pass through.

All you need to do is:
1. Go to their website
2. Register to get free account
3. Download the client for your phone
4. Setting up social networking you want to share to (facebook, twitter, myspace and blogger)
5. Start recording track

It will then run on background. And when you arrive at destination, you just finish the recording. You'll be asked if you want to upload the track to and to social networking site you've setup before. Then You'll get this (below) in your social networking site:

View my new track "kemayoran - manggala via tol" started in Indonesia, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta Raya, Jakarta.
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