Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twikini - lightest twitter client for Windows Mobile

I've been a twitter user for a while now. At first I only following updates and posting from my web browser at office's computer. Gradually I added the persons I follow and my followers increased as well. So, I need more time, periodically checking my twitter to posting update and replying post from my colleague.

Since I'm using Samsung BlackJack™ II with Windows Mobile Smartphone OS, I tried several application while comparing each of them, which one is suitable for me. Then, from one of twitter posting, I found out about Twikini, brand new twitter client. It says that this apps is the lightest twitter client for Windows Mobile. So, I download and try it.

And, apparently that statement is true. This Twikini is very light, the most I guess, comparing to other clients I've tried before. Beside BlackJack™ II, I also installed in my Treo™ 750 which based on Windows Mobile OS, too.

So, what've you waiting for? Go directly to and try it your own :)

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