Monday, October 19, 2009

Utilizing your old Palm Treo 650 :)

In this high-end gadget era, features like HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, multitouch, etc. would be standard features that everybody would want to have on their devices. But for me, that won't matter. That's why I still keep my Palm Treo 650, which (as you might already knew) even don't have 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS nor multitouch :D

It's okay for me, just equipped it with unlimited data access, I set it up so it can be used as my working tool. My primary tool is pssh and CheckWWW, which I use a lot to do SSH to my UNIX server and doing things within its terminal. With CheckWWW you can do ping, whois, trace, lookup, finger, etc.

Another thing is setting up email with ChatterEmail, which actually can do "push email" with idle-imap technology. This idle-imap works by sending out small amount of data to mail server periodically, to check for new email, and if there is any, then ChatterEmail will executing request command and then retrieving the email. Almost no delay, just like push email, right? :)

And also Chatopus for my IM needs, you can see my post about integrating Nimbuzz account to Chatopus here. For web browser, you can use built-in Web from palm. Another choice would be Mini Opera and/ or Xiino.

For entertainment purposes, you can use AeroPlayer for local media files, simple, light and skinnable. Another multimedia player is PocketTunes and/ or CorePlayer which allow you to do streaming internet radio and watching YouTube, respectively. Another entertainment thing is games. I use LJP (aka. Little John PalmOS), an emulator to play from NES, SNES, Sega and many other old game console.

With DocsToGo, you'll be able to create new and/ or edit office documents (doc, xls, ppt) and read pdf files. It'll be some kind like e-book reader :)

And, for completing many activities with Palm Treo 650, I use CoLauncher. This amazing applications allows me to switch from an application to another without have to press Home button and back to default launcher before open another application. All you have to do is assigning one HardButton to execute CoLauncher, then press one letter or number, which you already setup before, to launch application assigned to it. So easy, just try it.. I'm sure you'll like it :)

That's for me :) How about you? Please share how you use your old Palm Treo 650.. Thanks!

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