Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reviewing Grandstream - IP Phone

This week I had a chance to try out two products from Grandstream, GXV3140 and GXP1200. I'll walk through it from a end user view :)

1. GXP1200
Regular-function IP Phone, setup and call :) This is how to setup this phone:
a. Press MENU button, go to Config menu and set IP parameter (static or DHCP, IP, subnet, gateway, DNS)
b. Press back button, then choose SIP menu, set which Account to activate, then fill in SIP User ID, Auth ID (basically it's the same for this two), SIP Password and SIP Transport, and Save
* a little note for this SIP Transport. I have to set the SIP transport to TCP, instead of regular UDP, to make my account registered *

Another way to setting up, after completing IP parameter, you can access it from web browser by typing http://[IP Address], with password: admin

This phone support up to 2 SIP Accounts, call waiting, caller ID, hold, transfer, conference and 3 custom ringtone you can create :)

Download the User Guide for GXP series here.

2. GXV3140
I could say that this is the kind of IP Phone I would like to have and use :))
Color LCD, switch screen (clock and account status on screen 1, RSS reader and stock info on screen 2, calendar and weather info on screen 3), IM, web browser, games, internet radio, picture viewer, multimedia player, screensaver with stunning picture and last but not least, a tetris game! LOL.. That's at least all the features I can mention.

For setting up this phone, I only can do it from web browser. So, after completing IP parameter, I open http://[IP Address] typing user/pass:
user: user
pass: 123 - for user access level (mostly only view configuration), or
user: admin
pass: admin - for admin access level (have to using this to configure)

The GUI is simple and clear. Support up to 3 SIP accounts, and you also can setup for weather update, RSS news, photo album (already support flickr, photobucket and phanfare geezz..), account (for online music) and browser setting.

That's all for now, have to wandering around a little more :) oh, I forget to mention that this phone also have audio-video port, SD card reader, USB port and 2.5" audio port :D

RSS Reader and Stock Info

Calendar and Weather Info


Photo Album (Photobucket, Flickr, Phanfares)

Tetris Game :)

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