Thursday, October 22, 2009

snmpwalk and netcat

1. snmpwalk

from Linux/ UNIX gateway:
# snmpwalk -v [1|2c|3] -c [COMMUNITY] [IP Router] | grep -i [Port]
from router:
# show snmp mib Ifmib ifindex [interface] [port]

2. netcat

I use it to retrieve detail information about AS Number, Country, etc. based on IP address:

# netcat 43 < [filename-original].txt > [filename-output].txt
The file is batch file containing more than 1 IP address, and this is the format for the file:
a. should be save in MS-DOS text format
b. in the body file:
[IP address 1]
[IP address 2]
[IP address 3]
and so on..
That will do. The proccess takes a few minutes depending on how much IP address in the file. After completing, you can take a look at the file and you'll be surprise :)

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