Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SnapIt - Simple Way Of Screen Capture

As an engineer, I work a lot using Asus eeePC 701 doing bandwidth test, capacity measuring, speed testing, etc. And I have to capture all the on screen results, for reporting. All this year I've been using old-manual way: print screen button, open image editor program (usually I used Microsoft Paint), paste and save. Can you imagine doing that with 7" screen? :) But I didn't feel much bother with it, since that's the only way I know, and slowly it became a habit.

But, since I've found this simple yet great program, it changes the way I work. Everything become soooo..simple. I mean it! It called SnapIt. After downloading and installing (small installation files), you can start your 14 days of fully-functional trial. Start the program, then you'll find a front-view camera icon on system tray:

Right-click on it, then it shows the menu:

choose the Properties menu, and you'll get this window:

You can choose the Hot key from regular Print Screen button, F10, F11 or F12. You can see that I prefer using 'Auto save image to folders' of my choice, and Jpeg as my Image Type. That's it! Can't find way more simple then this. Everytime I'd like to capture my work results, I just press Print Screen button, and my cursor change to big 'plus' symbol. Just hold your left mouse button, drag and choose whether it selected area, curent windows or the whole desktop.

Try it, I'm sure you'll like it :)

* Note: all images in this post are captured using SnapIt

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