Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ROM Rezising On GSM Palm Treo 650

Personal notes only, took this from some forums somewhere and forget to attach the link, so credit to them. The point is I've tried this and it was sucessful, I can resize the partition of my Treo 650 APR roms :)

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Its ok to partition the rom/ram as long as u know what u are doing. There is three type of rom size partition for treo650 if I am not wrong -

1. 7.1mb ( cingular roms )
2. 8.4mb (LAP and unlocked roms)
3. 9.8mb (APR roms)

but they must be flashed using the sdcard method. U just have to make sure that your rom is small enough to fit the rom size. The trick is to replace this particular file "RomUpdaterApp.prc" which is in one of the SD card flashing method's folders. The smaller the ROM size, the bigger your RAM size.

This is quite tricky - if you put in a larger ROM than the "RomUpdaterApp.prc" can accomodate : you will get a dead Treo. Actually it will not be quite dead but can still be revived via the ROMtool method later. But you will notice that the ROM partition has changed to the ROM size of RomUpdaterApp.prc you put.

I don't advise any to change the partition if you are really not sure how to go about doing it. You could end up with a really dead Treo... So dun blame me if anything goes wrong. Take your own risk when attempting to repartition your ROM.

Now my current Treo is using the APR rom minus all the things that I dun want, fitting the 8.4mb ROM partition - as a result I get a bigger RAM space, more DBcache..

1. Backup Data
2. Copy Palm folder extracted from zip to the root of SD card (ex. F:\PALM) which already been formated to FAT. If one already exists rename.
3. Plugin power to Treo, turn on
4. Insert SD
5. Wait, The updater will start automatically. It will reboot several times on its own.
6. Leave SD card in Treo until you get to language selection screen.
7. Remove card, finish setup on Treo. Follow on screen prompts.
8. Remove palm dir from SD, rename folder if needed.
9. Restore Data.
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