Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Logged In to WebOS Device

In webOS world, there aren't such things like "jailbreak"-ing nor "root"-ing, you just login there and you got root access, already. What you have to do is simply following these steps:
1. go here to install Palm SDK
2. follow installation instruction according to your OS (Windows, Mac or Linux)
3. enable Dev Mode  on your Pre/ Pixi by typing this: webos20090606, turn to ON, then restart device
4. connect the device using USB cable
5. in Mac/ Linux, simply type "novaterm" in shell prompt
6. in Windows, you have to download "novaterm" exe file from here (32-bit) or here (64-bit)
7. at this point you'll have root@webos-device or something like that

You are now logged in to your webOS device and can do anything you would normaly on Linux machine. Just be careful not to destroy your device :))

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