Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Running iDroid Using BootLace

Although many people thinks that installing Android on iPhone is tedious and very geeky, it's not anymore because Nick Dawson's BootLace has simplified the whole process. Just a few tap, you'll find iDroid installed. But in order to do this, you have to jailbreak your device. Here are the steps you can follow:
1. Run Cydia
2. Add http://repo.neonkoala.co.uk as a new Sources in Cydia
3. Install BootLace
4. Run BootLace
5. Install OpeniBoot (This apps is some kind of bootloader to choose between iOS and iDroid on boot up)
6. Install iDroid

Already tried this on my iPhone 3G and success :) Here are several pics:
installing iDroid

"This will reboot your device into Android immediately. Are you sure?"


Android logo while booting...

iDroid logo

home launcher

menu icons

about this phone

virtual keyboard while typing

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  1. why my phone 3g cannot install idroid?..it say error in boot lace...


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