Friday, May 20, 2011

Jailbreaking FU iOS Device

I put the title, so I am aware that what I'm about to write here works on almost any iOS device (which I already tried the same way for iPhone 3G/s and 1st generation of iPad). After reading on several blogs, and tried it on my iOS device myself, I choose the method using redsn0w. All you need to do first is make sure that newest update iOS version already been able to jailbreak, and all requirement files are downloaded and ready to use.

Actually you only need 2 files, redsn0w (mac and/or windows) and .ipsw files according to which version of iOS device you want to jailbreak. After you get those two files, execute redsn0w, choose the .ipsw files, check only at "Install Cydia", then just follow onscreen instruction at redsn0w window. That's it! :) And after rebooted, you'll find Cydia icon in your launcher.

Here are some of the snapshot I took, when jailbreak iPhone 3G:

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