Monday, May 30, 2011

Ubuntu Dynamips and Dynagen

Here's how to install Dynamips and Dynagen Cisco Router emulator on Ubuntu:

1. Installation
# sudo apt-get install dynamips dynagen

2. IOS image
Get yourself a Cisco IOS image to use with the emulator. It is a good idea to uncompress the image for better loading
# unzip -p>

3. Configure telnet client
You can configure your telnet client in /etc/dynagen.ini file, just uncomment this line:
telnet = xterm -T %d -e telnet %h %p > /dev/null 2>&1 &

4. Configuration file
You will need a configuration file for your router(s), you can see the example here: /usr/share/doc/dynagen/examples/sample_labs/simple1/

The configuration will look like this:
     image = /opt/7200-images/c7200-jk9o3s-mz.124-7a.image
     npe = npe-400
     ram = 160
     [[ROUTER R1]]
     s1/0 = R2 s1/0
     # No need to specify an adapter here, it is taken care of
     # by the interface specification under Router R1

5. Starting Server and Management Console
To start the server
# dynamips -H 7200 &

And you can start to console using command:
# dynagen /usr/share/doc/dynagen/examples/sample_labs/simple1/

After that you can refer to this link for further reference.

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