Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom Ringtone for Grandstream GXP-1200 IP Phone

As you can see on my previous review for this Grandstream GXP-1200 IP Phone, this fabulous IP Phone has feature to setup custom ringtone. In this post, I'll show you how to create it, using Ubuntu Server 8.04. In order to make it smooth, you need to have these files:

1. WAV's files you want to use as your ringtone. Grandstream advice to use wav's files not more than 100 kb, and prefered not more than 70 kb
2. Grandstream Ringtone Generator, which you can download here and available for Linux or Windows platform
3. TFTP server (see here to set your own) to upload any files to your IP Phone

If you already have the wav's files:
1. download Grandstream Ringtone Generator for Linux and extract it on separate folder.
# unzip -e Linux-Music-Ring-Tone-GEN.zip
# mv sox.linux sox
# chmod +x sox
I'm assuming you already put all your wav's files in the same folder as the generator, do these:
# ./sox ring1.wav ring1.ring
# mv ring1.ring ring1.bin
Then you can put your ring1.bin on your TFTP Server base directory.

1. Access your IP Phone from web browser (e.g http://192.168.xx.xx), and use password: admin.
2. Go to 'Advanced Settings'
3. On 'Firmware Upgrade and Positioning', change it to TFTP
Firmware Server Path: [your TFTP server IP address]
Config Server Path: /
4. Update and Reboot

After reboot, your IP phone downloading the ring1.bin you already put on your TFTP base directory. On the IP Phone:

1. Press 'Menu' --> 'Preference' --> 'Ring Tone'

And you're done! Enjoy your new ringtone :)


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