Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upgrade/ Migrating From #webOS 1.x to 2.x

I just quote this post from here, you can also take a look my previous blogpost about backup/ restore #webOS device:

"In webOS 2.0, the App Launcher was totally rewritten.  As a result, the locations of your application icons may not be reloaded correctly upon upgrading your profile to webOS 2.0.  While the Save/Restore Launcher script is compatible with webOS 2.0, it will not be able to restore the launcher data if it was originally saved from webOS 1.x.  While you will manually have to rearrange your launcher icons, this process may be made easier if you made screenshots of your App Launcher or you still have your original webOS 1.x device in Airplane mode. Also, when rearranging large numbers of icons, it may also be helpful to use the new Rearrange Launcher Pages functionality in webOS 2.0 to prevent the need to move across multiple launcher pages"

Note that once you update to webOS 2.0 or higher, your profile will no longer be able to be loaded onto a webOS 1.x device.

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