Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Backup and Restore Your webOS Device

The simple way is using Backup app, already provide by HP/ Palm within your webOS device. Whether you're on webOS version 1.x, 2.x or 3.x. You can find complete information about using Backup here. If you don't care about any progress you may have made in your games, or information you added to 3rd party apps, just using this two methods would be enough (Please note that Messaging and Email contents are not saved):
1. Backup app
2. copying the files on your USB drive

But since homebrew developer are so keen to provide us with many superb apps, you should use Preware and then installing Save/Restore apps from there. Using Save/Restore apps, combining with Backup app and copying files from your USB drive, you should be able to get 99% of your data back when restoring.

Here's how to do it:
1. Open Backup app and perform a "Back Up Now" (make sure you know your Palm Profile email address)

2. Open Preware, update the feeds, swipe down Preware dropdown menu, select "Saved Package List" and click "Update". This will save a copy of all homebrew apps, patches and other packages you have installed from Preware

3. Open Save/Restore, select "Save Application Data" and click "Save Selected" (all apps are selected by defaults)

* If you're running webOS 2.0 or higher, you need to ensure that Voice Dial app is the last app on your first launcher page, this due to an oddity of webOS 2.0 that affect the Launcher script in Save/Restore

4. Connect your phone to a computer and connect as a USB drive. Make a backup of your entire USB drive, including "saverestore" directory

* Folders that should not back up are .app-storage, .palm, and .developer
5. Eject

1. Take a screenshot of all your App Launcher pages (using Orange key + Sym key + P)
2. If you're running webOS 1.4.5 or earlier, backup /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3 file. This file contains a large amount of your Palm Profile data, including contacts, calendar entries, memos and more for you to reference, providing you use a database program such as SQLite to access it.
3. If you have made any additional "tweaks" to your device, such as replacing the boot-up image or the lock icon, you will want to make sure you have a backup for those files as well

1. After you swipe/ doctor/ full erase your webOS device, you can start restoring your backup data by sign back into your Palm Profile (after reset, all of your App Catalog Apps will start to reinstall and your accounts will resync all their data)
2. Reinstall Preware, then Save/Restore
3. Connect the phone to the computer, then copy back all your backup data including "saverestore" directory
4. Eject
5. Open Save/Restore, select "Restore Application data", select only Preware and click “Restore Selected”

6. Restart device
7. Open Preware, update the feeds, swipe down Preware dropdown menu, select "Saved Package List" and click "Install All"

8. If you have any apps or patches that were installed outside of the feeds (including any from Palm's Beta or Web feeds), you should manually re-install them using Preware, webOS Quick Install, Internalz Pro or any other method you are familiar with
9. For each app that you plan on restoring data to with Save/Restore, open and close each app one time in order to initialize the cookies and databases for that app
10. Open Save/Restore, choose "Restore Application data", click "Select All" but uncheck Preware  (as well as any other apps you do not want to restore), and then click "Restore Selected"
11. Restart device
12. If you took screenshots of your Launcher pages you may want to compare the apps that were downloaded on your new device to ensure that none of your favorite apps are missing

Credit goes to folks at Precentral, and you can find the full post here

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