Monday, September 19, 2011

Meta-Doctor My Pre 2 to Change Boot Logo

I don't really like the HP logo on my Pre 2, so I decided to change it back to original Palm logo (anyway, the touchstone backcover still have "palm" in it, so it will suite well :D ).

Here's what I did:
1. Download the Meta-Doctor file for Pre 2 from here
2. Choose version 2.1.0 (according to my recent webOS version on my device
3. Copying the file on downloads folder under meta-doctor directory
4. From meta-doctor directory, I did this command:
I think it's obvious: Pre2 as my device, carrier is world ready (wr), version 2.1.0, disabling uploading any log to HP/Palm server, I already put my "palm" image for BootLogo and CUSTOM_BOOTLOGO parameter retrieve it, and last but not least, I'm making 4GB dedicated EXT3FS partition.

That's it, for placing Luna boot logo parts.. I'll write another blogpost :)

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