Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Running UbuntuChroot on #webOS

Recently I just managed partitioning my Pre to make it possible running UbuntuChroot in it. Yes, you've got it right, UbuntuChroot running on my Pre. You can see here for the Wiki. The hard thing is the first part, because you have to Meta-Doctor-ing your Pre, so it will have separate ext3fs partition. I'm Doctor-ing using webOS 2.1.0, and skip the "git" part, you have to search for it in the internet.

1. Here's the command I used:
2. After it done, run the installation process. And continue with configuration to automounting ext3fs partition at device boot.
3. Using Preware, activate the testing feed, then installing Xcecutah, Xserver and UbuntuChroot 11.04
4. Launch Excecutah to run Xserver and UbuntuChroot 11.04, here's what I've got:

5. You can use usual Ubuntu apt-get command to update repository and installing packages. And you can also use apt-cache search to look for certain packages that works on ARM processor.
6. This is the screenshot of htop running on my Pre:

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