Friday, July 8, 2011

Adding Flash Support in #webOS 2.1.0 Meta-Doctor

I've contributed to this wiki page, with the help of many homebrew developers. And also, although step no. 6 is obsolete as in written in the wiki page, I've already done this 3 times and always succeeded if I'm doing step no. 6. So, I put it in here :)

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is not included in this webOS 2.1 doctor, but can be added with files from a VZW Pre 2 2.0.1 doctor.

Adding Flash Support

The easiest way to enable Adobe Flash on your webOS 2.1.0 legacy device is by creating a modular package and installing that, along with a patch to make the Adobe Flash preferences visible in the browser.

Step 1. Prerequisites

  • Download the Verizon 2.0.1 Pre 2 Doctor (here)
  • Download Jason Robitaille's IPK Packager (here)
  • Download webOS Quick Install (here)
  • Download temporary directory (here) and unzip the FlashPluginContainer folder to your desktop
  • Download patch to enable Flash preferences in the browser (here)

Step 2. Unpack

  • Open the 2.0.1 doctor with an archive manager, like 7zip. Navigate to "resources/webOS.tar/./nova-cust-image-roadrunner.rootfs.tar.gz/./" This is where the Flash files are stored.
  • Extract the following files from the webOS ROM:

Step 3. Drag 'N' Drop

  • Simply place the files from the ROM into the FlashPluginContainer folder in their respective locations.
  • Pay close attention to where each file/folder is stored inside the webOS ROM.

Step 4. Packaging

  • Open Jason's IPK Packager and point the program to the files folder. Do NOT point to FlashPluginContainer, as the install will fail.
  • The rest of the fields will populate on their own.
  • Save the IPK file somewhere using "Create IPK Package." You may want to keep it handy.

Step 5. Wrap Up

  • Use webOS Quick Install to install both IPK and patch.
Note: The patch to enable Flash preferences is also available in Preware.
Note: People are reporting problems with installing the IPK with WOSQI v4.04, installing it via Preware seems to work well.

Step 6. Edit system files

Open /usr/palm/applications/ (either in your MetaDoctor or on your live device -if on a live device, remember to make a backup!)

Find the following two lines (should be lines 46 & 47) and comment them out by adding // to the beginning of each line:

Step 7. Reboot

Reboot your devices for changes to take effect

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