Monday, June 20, 2011

Setting Up Free Email @YourDomain From Google

If you already own a domain (or if you haven't), you can get free email features from Google Apps, and the steps if very simple.

1. Go to this link, input your domain name and click on Get Started
2. Follow the steps
3. When you finished, you'll be directed to your Google Apps dashboard
4. You can also get back there through:[your-domain]
5. See here for configuring your domain to route incoming message to Google email servers
6. Change your domain MX record from your domain control panel (according to your domain provider setting), you can also contact your domain provider if you have any difficulties.
7. And if you already done with all of those steps above, you can continue to create email address, email list, etc. from your Google Apps dashboard. And now you can have all features from Google free email.

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