Monday, June 20, 2011

PIMBackup and How To View Backup Data On PC

When I'm using Windows Mobile (now Windows Phone), one of the software I used a lot is PIMBackup since I often testing ROMs, so I need to backup and restore my Contacts, Calendar and Messaging data. Once I have a need to view my backup data on PC, and there is a little workaround to do, so the backup files can be opened and view using spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel,, LibreOffice, Numbers or anything else). Here's what you have to do:

1. When doing a backup, make sure "Binary Backup (faster)" option is uncheck
2. Do the backup, and you'll get .pib file
3. Move that .pib file to PC, open it using WinZip or any other extractor applications
4. There are several files in it (depends on which data you choose to backup: contact, calendar, sms, etc.)
5. Choose one files, e.g.: contacts_[backupdate].csc, rename it to .csv
6. Launch your spreadsheet application (I'm using Microsoft Excel), then open that contacts_[backupdate].csv file
7. There'll be popup Text Import Wizard window, choose "Delimited" for Original data type, press NEXT

8. And put semicolon (;) in Other for Delimiters, press FINISH

9. Your backup files will be presented neatly, separated in each column. Now you can edit or view it as you need.
10. Done! :)

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