Thursday, June 9, 2011

Setting Chromium-browser's Proxy on Ubuntu Server

Using Ubuntu Server 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), I install an X Server then use fluxbox as my Window Manager. For web browser, I tend to use Chrome browser from Google (chromium-browser package in Ubuntu). Here's what I do:

1. Install Chromium-browser
# apt-get install chromium-browser

Since I can't change proxy preferences in chromium-browser running on ubuntu server, so I have to do it on launch by creating shortcut file

2. Create the file
# vim chrome (of course you can choose any file name you want)

3. Input command to the file (choose one based on your proxy configuration)
# chromium-browser --proxy-pac-url= --enable-plugins
# chromium-browser --proxy-server="http://proxy.url:port/" --enable-plugins
# chromium-browser --proxy-server="socks://proxy.url:port/" --enable-plugins

3. Save the file and quit
4. Give execute permission to that file you've just created
# chmod +x chrome

5. You're done! :)

- you can show another option to add another command on the file you created by executing this:
# man chromium-browser

- just found out in Debian, the command is 'google-chrome' instead of 'chromium-browser' :)

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