Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Apps for Windows Mobile (PPC) devices

I just want to share some applications I've used on my Palm Treo Pro (Windows Mobile based). These applications also been used when I still have Palm Treo 750v, of course with slight differences.. since Treo Pro already have Wi-Fi and built-in GPS.

1. BEIKS Dictionary (both Treo Pro and Treo 750v)
A dictionary :)

2. bLADE Locate (Treo Pro only)
An apps to share your location via FireEagle, can automatically update position by GPS and time interval

3. Evernote (both)
Online note-taker, share anywhere between your Windows Mobile phone, Mac, Linux, Windows

4. Garmin Mobile XT (Treo Pro only)
Map tracking application from Garmin

5. Google Maps (both, with limitation on Treo 750v)
Map tracking application from Google, but you better have unlimited data plan if you want to play around with this apps. And you can try Google Latitude as well

6. GPSed (Treo Pro only)
Record your track and upload to web to examine later

7. Microsoft My Phone (both)
Backup your contact, calendar, task, SMS, documents on your Windows Mobile phone, and you just need to install and synchronize everytime you change to another Windows Mobile phone.. and voila, you new phone will have exactly the same data as your old one :)

8. Palringo (both)
All-in-one IM apps in your phone and computer. Very lite, snappy and use less data comparing to another IM apps for Windows Mobile.

9. PockeTwit (both)
For your twitter activity, following, reply, update status. Also integrated with

10. Twikini (both)
Alternative to PockeTwit. You can read my review about Twikini, here :)

11. SEVEN (both)
Enabling push mail functionality to your phone. Try it then you'll like it :)

12. Skyfire (both)
Alternative browser for your Windows Mobile phone. New way to present the web page, server-compression and flash support.

13. Spb Wireless Monitor (both)
Very useful to monitor your limited data plan. Also has another feature to export a report, monitor wi-fi usage and or USB connection.

14. GoogleSync (both)
Sync-ing Contact, Calendar and your Gmail. This can be done via ActiveSync, just check the instruction on the website.

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