Monday, September 28, 2009

Android-x86 on Asus eee PC 701 Series

After successful running Android LiveCD on virtual machine (I'm using VMware Workstation, see my note here), I finally managed to install and run Android x86 on Asus eee PC 701 Series. The ISO installer image I've built using Ubuntu 9.04 Server. Just trying out many applications on it, now :)


  1. Very cool,
    did you have to customize anything in particular to make this work or you just build it and that's it?
    I'm trying to install the latest release 09-16 but I'm having problems after the install on my 901.browser crash and if I type anything in the console it just reboots.

  2. oh, another thing.
    do you know the root password?
    I'm trying to use a different console called "Better Terminal Emulator" but it wont let me run any commands.

  3. Hi BiLO! Thanks for the comment. I just build it, that's it. I can use the browser normally and nothing wrong with the console. But I can only type simple command like 'ls', 'pwd', 'ping'.. just that. not even 'uname' :)

    I don't know the root password. You can install this "Better Terminal Emulator"? Because I can't install any applications, it says that my disk is full :(

    Still need more time to explore :)

    Have you take a look at my next post about how to build your own android-x86 image? I also include the links. Hope that can help!

  4. Tahnk you for the reply.
    Yes I have checked the other blogs about building the all thing from scrutch but is taking almost all day to get the GIT environment I mean the sinc :o)
    not sure if this is normal but I will let it finish and then I'll try to build.
    I noticed though that you still using teh old repo
    now the repo has changed from "" to ""
    anyway I guess is the same.
    well thank you again and I hope that you fix your problem
    have you checked

  5. Hi BiLO,

    thanks for the info about new repo. I will try to build new image using the new repo. Is it possible that the problem you've got in your image, because you're using the new repo?

    I'm lucky working on an ISP, so repo sync is not a problem for me :)

    Thanks, I manage to installing the same image on another eeePC 1000HE Series, comparing.

    I already join the group you refer to, thanks again! :)

  6. thank you.
    I'm building one now. till now I only tried the one from the download site.
    I'll let you know when is done if it works better then the other one.
    are you applying the ssl patch?
    how much you use the android? as for me it only works for a couple of minutes, 10 if I'm lucky.
    thanx again

  7. I'm not applying any patch, yet.

    Yesterday I can playing around with android for more than an hour.

    Only 10min? wew, that's annoying. Let me know if the new one is done. good luck!

  8. no luck :o(
    the build failed with error 127
    and therefore no image.
    Could you send me your build?
    maybe there is something that I'm doing worng here. it look a long time only then to fail at the end :o(
    if you have aplace were I can download your build please send me an email, if not I can possibly open an FTP or something similar
    thank you again for comeing back to me

  9. already upload the file, just email me (you can see it on my profile), then I'll reply back with url to download the file. but this eeepc.iso I've build from


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