Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WM 6.5 for Treo 750

About two weeks ago, I had a chance to injecting Windows Mobile 6.5 (cooked ROM) to my old phone Palm Treo 750v :) Although it says that the specification of Palm Treo 750v is not qualified for this new OS from Microsoft, I just can't hold on to the temptation to see much more new features offered by it.

After a short time of trial, I decided to go back to Windows Mobile 6.1 (also a cooked ROM). It is not that I don't like WM 6.5, but it's more that this cooked ROM doesn't fit well to Palm device. It just lost all the simplicity and features that Palm devices have (I feel it when using my Palm Treo with WM 5.0, WM 6.0 and now WM 6.1). The major problem is I cannot use my Palm Treo without stylus on WM 6.5, I have to pull out my stylus everytime. That's never happened on WM 5.0 to 6.1 :D

Honestly, new Home UI, hexagon-like (without grid line) Program list, and excited feeling that my old gadget was able injected with this brand new OS is so great! Of course I'm still waiting that this cooked ROM will be available to be compatible with Palm device especially Palm Treo 750 :D Can't wait!

*For references and download this cooked ROM, you can go here

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