Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upgrading Treo 750v to WM 6.1

Please do it at your own risk!

Upgrading to WM 6.1 will give you more snappy and powerful Treo 750v (at least that's what I felt :D ), especially with newer version of Mobile Office that have capabilities to open Microsoft Office version 2007 files. You feel it yourself later on :)

Nevertheless, you will loose Remote Desktop Client, Voice Command and Windows Live, because this WM 6.1 ROM is made to be thin.

What you need is blank miniSD (real one, not microSD with adapter), formatted with FAT32 (you can use card reader and format it from your PC):

1. Make sure you have this 3 file (I will add the link later):
a. CheetahUnlocker.rar
b. Treo750_OS5_2_19199WWE_STD.rar
c. Treo750Radio1.54.07.00.rar

2. Before running CheetahUnlocker, make sure you already:
a. Install Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 (
b. Close all other program (especially Anti Virus and Firewall) to avoid any disruption.
c. Plugin your USB cable and ActiveSync/ WMDC run smoothly

3. On CheetahUnlocker, just run Step 1 if your Treo already unlocked. Make sure it running smoothly and your Treo can do normal boot.

4. Prepare your already-formatted FAT32 miniSD, copy CHEEIMG.nbh (radio), put it in slot. While press and hold PTT (the one below up-down volume button), press "reset" button. Wait until the screen display "SUCCESS..."

5. After that, copy CHEEIMG.nbh (OS) to miniSD, put it in slot. And do the press-hold PTT and press "reset" button again. Wait till "SUCCESS..." appear.

6. Do soft reset!

7. Enjoy your more snappy and powerful Treo 750v :)

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