Thursday, October 13, 2011

BingMaps go forth and back to Google Maps

If you haven't know yet, there's an update for Google Maps on your webOS smartphone (Pre, Pixi, Veer), not to another version, but to BingMaps, which is the Maps apps pre-installed in TouchPad.

Like the HP Palm Blog says, you just open App Catalog and download Maps apps from there in order to update your Google Maps.

I did that myself, and not too long after that I decided to get my old Google Maps back. So I open up webOS doctor file and look for Maps application. With the help from #webos-internals on freenode, I found it under /usr/palm/applications in folder. So I re-package it using IPK Packager from Jason Robbitaile.

After deleting Maps apps, I installing this file using webOS Quick Install (wOSQI), again from Jason, and I've got my Google Maps back :)

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