Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mutt+Offlineimap Error while using it to access Gmail IMAP

The solution came from this forum

Upon Offlineimap version 6.6.0, you'll get an error when accessing Gmail IMAP, something like this:
XOAUTH2 authentication failed: AUTHENTICATE command error: BAD ['Client aborted AUTHENTICATE command. q205mb46565077wmb']. Data: MFNB2 AUTHENTICATE XOAUTH2

The solution is very simple, you just have to add one line to your .offlineimaprc file, in the [Repository YOUR_ACCOUNT-remote] section:
auth_mechanisms = LOGIN

referring to config line: #auth_mechanisms = GSSAPI, CRAM-MD5, XOAUTH2, PLAIN, LOGIN

Save the file and run your offlineimap to check that the error is already gone. Voila! :)

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