Thursday, December 29, 2011

Virtual Keyboard on #Pre2 #webOS

Testing this on my Pre2 running #webOS 2.2.4 and works fine, so far :)

See the forum thread here, check out the #1 post, then follow the detail steps below:
1. Download luna.conf.patch for webOS 2.x from Arthur Thornton (on that #1 post)
3. Download (also on that #1 post, depending on your webOS version)
4. Install luna.conf.patch to your Pre 2 using webOS Quick Install

5. Unzip, you've got and send that file to your Pre 2 (e.g to /media/internal)

6. Accessing linux in your Pre 2 using webOS Quick Install or novaterm through Windows Command Prompt / Linux Terminal
7. Go to /media/internal directory: # cd /media/internal
8. Run this command: # -patch
9. Your Pre 2 will boot automatically
10. You've got the Virtual Keyboard by swiping up from gesture area


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