Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Terminal Apps for webOS 2.1.0

Thanks to @webosinternals and @metaview for helping me figure this out. You can also see here

You have to install Preware and Internalz on your 2.1.0 webOS device. The simple way is like this:
1. Install Terminus from Preware
2. Run it once, then close it
3. Open Internalz, go to Preferences
4. Change "MasterMode" option to ON
5. Change Newline format under Text Editor option to LINUX
6. Then using Internalz to go to /var/palm/data/jailusers
7. Find the line with terminus in it, change jail_game.conf to jail_palm-native.conf, SAVE it
8. Run Terminus again, and you should see prompt on it
9. You can install Bourne Again Shell package from Preware to add color to your CLI
10. Enjoy! :)

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  1. works great! ..big "thank you" from CZ ;)

  2. Hi CZ, thanks for stopping by and leave comment :) you might to check the same /var/palm/data/jailusers after upgrade to newer version of Terminus, because there will be new Terminus line in it. Just delete the new one, or you'll find Terminus won't work after upgrade

  3. I´m on unlocked Pre2 (2.1.0) and this thing does not work anymore. on 2.0.1 it fixed the issue...

    At moment Terminus starts , shows a grey block and that´s it...:(

    Any ideas how to get it working? Also Terminal does not start , just black screen.

  4. Hi, did u already re-check /var/palm/data/jailusers again after installing new version of Terminus? Make sure there is only one terminus line contain jail_palm-native.conf

    Hope that helps :)

  5. Hi adiyantoWijaya,

    yep, the jail line is double-checked and does not solve the issue. Still starting with a gray block and nothing more happens...

    It´s a clear problem only on 2.1.0 , with 2.0.1 no issue after the change.

    I saw on other page that I´m not alone with this problem, but seems there is no patch yet:(

  6. If you still have problem, perhaps you could try SDL Terminal, installable from Preware :)


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