Monday, May 24, 2010

cPanel Configuration for MySQL Access

Case: cPanel user would like to hire web developer, want to give ftp access (for upload and download web files) and MySQL database access (the web is using Joomla) only.

These are the example:
- db name: cybi1_testing
- db username: cybi1_test
- pass: t3st1ng
- host: (server Cohosting 1)

a. via terminal:

b. or via phpMyAdmin (available for Linux/ Unix, Windows and Mac/ other mySQL FrontEnd GUI:

Below are the steps to follow:
1. Create ftp account for the web developer, menu Files → FTP Accounts

Fill-in username, password, default directory dan capacity

2. Create new database, user and priviliges to access the database

3. Allowing host to access database, Databases → Remote MySQL

Enjoy.. :)


  1. mas,
    remote DB tu apa bisa dri hosting / domain berbeda?
    --mohon bimbingannya--

  2. pengalaman sih bisa.. asal secara routing memang di-allow :)


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